Helping thousands of children.

Busunju Kitanswa 

200 orphans, all with widows until a home can be built.  Land is owned. Newest, opened in 2014.  

Kakili Wakiso

300 orphans plus 200 more who live in Widow’s homes.  Since 1990, Existing school, need maintenance, salaries, school supplies, books, food (very important), clothing, beds, bed sheets

Wobulenzi Orphanage
Orphans home established in 2000. Closed now but would like to reopen it.  150 orphans divided among families especially widows… needs finances for construction to be able to house orphans, maintenance for workers, $15000 for Repairs, beds, mattresses, and everything else needed to reopen
Mukono Orphanage

Established 2009, houses 100 orphans.  Needs food, clothing, clean water, medicine.

Kiwangala Orphanage

Established 1991.  Grew from 30 children to now almost 400 children.  Needs a school Needs medicine, houses, beds, matresses.


All of our orphanages have great needs.

Buy 10 chicks: $20

Chicks need food, vitamins and medicine for 6 months until eggs are produced. Eggs can then be sold for food and medicine. Food and medicine for 10 chicks for 6 months: $240

transportation – a major need $- 16,000 will buy a mini bus to transport children to school.Land for expansion, 25 acres $150,000 ($6,000 an acre). For pasture (10 acres), for a school, community center, farming, other agriculture, future homes.Well for water:   $10,000

$100 to buy a goat. Goats are great because they require little to grow.

$14,000 for 140 goats $12000 for a House for goats

$69500 for cows, pens ($1000), $60000 for 10 acres to support cows

$5000 need to build ponds for water for the goats
Farming equipment, seeds, Tractor with plow $35,000 (used), strong pickup truck,                

Clinic – salaries, medicine, building, Qualified nurses, $43,000, Doctors who can come for a few days each week. 

Education is free but schools buildings, teachers and school supplies are not. To build a school we need 1 acre of land.

Build a children’s community center (need the land) 

Back To School Program
Education in Uganda is a right for anyone, however we must pay for all school supplies and pay for the teachers. Books, mathematics sets, and school supplies are needed by every student. Without the school supplies the students must stay home. We buy the materials bulk and in wholesale for the best prices.  We provided 1500 students with school supplies last year, and we want to supply more this year!


Orphans eat chicken, beef or some other protein just two times each year, as donations permit.   They never eat eggs.  

Thanks to your donations we have completed work on a chicken house, home to over 1000 chickens! Our chickens are growing and soon will be laying eggs. Please continue to help as we must purchase the chicken food until we sell enough eggs to sustain our chickens.

May 2019: We purchased the foundation stones, bricks, cement, nails, lumber and roofing. Our first set of over 1000 chicks were delivered September 17, 2019 and they are continuing to grow. February saw our first eggs! See our progress in the video!